Words to avoid to have more impact

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Altering your language is just one way you can have more impact, instantly.
One of the practical tips that our coaching clients have found most useful recently is to stop using certain words so I thought I would share them.
There’s no magic to them – if you want to sound more assertive when talking to people, simply reduce your use of these ‘weak words‘.
Try it for yourself by reading theses sentences with and without the weak words – you’ll instantly see what I mean.
Stop using…
Just “I’m just the project manager”
Try “I’ll try to have it to you by tonight”
Only “I’m only an assistant”
Think “I think we should do this” (try “We should do this” or “I believe we should do this”)
Perhaps “Perhaps we could do this?”
Possibly “We could possibly try”
I am afraid… “I am afraid that won’t work.”
Try them out and do let us know how you get on.

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