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I am currently leading a development programme for some 200 Team Leaders and this week saw us host one of our “Inspire” events for some 30 of the group.  These events are designed as session to give delegates something a little different to cogitate and (importantly for everything we do) be fun, engaging and practical so it can be applied straight away when back at work.
This event was no exception as The Behaviour Expert, aka Behaviourist Jez Rose joined us for the day.  As one of the delegates said afterwards, “Jez is one in a million”.
Sporting his trademark dark moustache and a ‘Mr Selfridge’ tweed suit, Jez is a man that stands out in a crowd.  He also stands out as a man that (a) is a very nice chap (b) makes a difference and (c) likes dogs.  So, he ticks a lot of boxes for us.
So, back to the Leadership Lessons.
It’s always a pleasure to sit in with groups on our programmes and watch someone like Jez impart his knowledge and see it make a difference.  Critically, as we work in Construction and Property, our audiences don’t “do” fluffy stuff.  Trainers that bring their Tibetan bells and ask you to work in your socks tend not to go down too well (personally, some of the best learning I’ve experienced was in a Yurt and involved an acoustic guitar but that’s another story…) The great thing about Jez is that behind the showmanship (his experience as a stand-up comic shines through his presentation) is an experienced behaviourist who, as he says “knows more about the human mind that you do.  So trust me.  This stuff works.”  This is really important – it’s not fluff.
So, what were the key ‘knowledge nuggets’ collected on the day?  There were loads, but here are my favourites.
Remember, these are the ‘sound bites’ about driving performance – behind each statement is wealth of research based on studies of human behaviour.

  1. Isolation affects performance – does anyone in your team feel isolated?
  2. Have protected time in your day – where you are undisturbed. (Great nugget…It takes 4 mins for the human brain to refocus after an interruption)
  3. Create a ‘future focus’ (remember all those meetings about the direction of your business…they have a reason!). If you think you have done something you will give up looking forward.
  4. Know your team and let your team know you.
  5. Ask “why do we do it this way and how can we make it better?”
  6. Don’t tell people what they can and can’t do.
  7. It takes 13 weeks of doing something 3 x a day to make a new habit.
  8. Stop saying “no, because” and replace it with “yes, if”. It forces you to come up with a method to make something happen.
  9. Listen to understand.
  10. Focus on just 10% improvement – this feels like a motivational and achievable target and is often beaten.

Thank you Jez for a great day.  More about Jez can be found at www.thebehaviourexpert.com including more info about his new book, “Be a Purple Banana – Extraordinary Results from Ordinary People”.
PS – we are not sponsored by Jez, we just love working with him! 🙂