How will you inspire your team today?

Sue Willcock Food for Thought

It’s Monday morning and as you enter another working week, you need to inspire your team to perform at their best in the five days ahead.  But where do you start?   Here’s a bite-sized ‘food for thought’ designed to get you thinking as you head to the office this morning.

  1. Do you know what motivates the people in your team in and outside of work? (remember, it’s not what motivates you – it what motivates them!) .  How can you harness their motivations to make work more inspirational for them?  Have you got a square peg in a round hole in your team?  For example, have you got a ‘detail-loving’ person working on something that does not need their fine eye, or a ‘go-getting’ ball of energy pouring over a detailed contract and getting bored in the process?   How will you manage this week to get the best from your people?
  2. Do the people in your team know their role in your team and how they fit within your bigger plans?  Do they know how what they do today will make a difference to someone or something?  (And, if it’s not going to make a difference to someone or something…..why are they doing it?!)
  3. How will you behave this week? Will you moan about your workload and be grumpy about the weather (regardless of whether it’s too hot or too cold!) or will you smile, say thank you for jobs well done and take time to engage with every team member at a personal level?
  4. How might you bring some creativity and fresh thinking to your team to inspire them?   Some of my clients have gone camping and brainstormed around the campfire, others have introduced energisers into team meetings instead of simply ploughing through the agenda item by item.  Others rotate leadership of the team meetings and give freedom as to how the meeting is managed to the leader.  One organisation I know invited a completely different business to a team dinner to talk about what service excellence means to them, so the team could see if they could transfer anything to their own business.
  5. How might you use your personal brand this week to inspire others?  Studies suggest that 30% of your effectiveness is dictated by your image – your personal brand.    What reputation do you have?  Do people want to work at their best and support you?  What one thing might you do this week that would enhance your personal brand?  It could be as small as turning up on time for every meeting, or for women, wearing a jacket (some studies suggest that in many business environments, this makes people take women more seriously and perceive their effectiveness to be greater).

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