Have you set your personal 2012 'Olympic' Goals?

Sue Willcock Food for Thought

As we end 2011 and enter the year of the London Olympics, I wonder what ‘Olympic-sized’ business challenges we have all set ourselves for 2012?

I am a firm believer in trying to do what we all can to ‘switch off’ during the holiday season, but once the mince pies are gone or (in my case) the box of ‘Celebrations’ is eaten (and it does not take long), the time away from the ‘day job’ is a natural time for reflection, planning and goal setting.
To aid the process, I’ve honed down my own questioning and planning process this year to a few key questions, which you might find useful in planning your personal development and own ‘Olympic Goals’ for 2012.

  1. What went REALLY well this year – what area of strength from 2011 do I want to build on in 2012?
  2. What could have been better?  Are these areas I want (or need) to develop…or not?
  3. Based on (1) and (2) above, what are my THREE KEY AREAS of focus for next year?  You might want to mind map or brainstorm these.
  4. What would other people see me doing or hear me saying if I was successful in these goals by Dec 2012?  How would I feel?
  5. What are the baby steps I need to take to move towards these goals in January 2012?

I hope these help and wish you every success in your personal development in 2012.