How to build a web for success

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It's often said that 'who you hang out with matters'. I'll be honest, I used to think this was some kind of shallow reference to befriending people for your own ends and therefore it just did not sit well with me. Indeed, I'm sure we've all been to networking events where it's felt like people just want to know your job title so they can decide whether to engage with you or not - yuk! Over the years, however I've refined my own thinking and understanding, and can reflect on the fact that I am lucky enough to be part of some amazing networks of people. These are the people who, just by 'hanging around' with them (either in person or indeed on social media) influence my thoughts, words and actions for the better. They drive my own performance upwards. These individuals (whether they intend to or not) make me aim higher, take risks, give me confidence and encourage me to say 'let's do this' as opposed to 'let's not'.   Often they are people who:
  • Have 'been there and done something' that I want to do.
  • Role model behaviours I admire.
  • Have some expertise that I need.
  • Are influential by making something I think of as difficult, seem easy.
Based on this concept, and tied to the idea that productive relationships are also those built on support, reciprocity and trust (i.e. not 'what can you do for me?') one of the chapters in my book that I have found to be highly popular looks at how new managers should question the network they have around them to support them as they transition into a new role. So, this month's Easter themed blog, is a special one - a little 5 minute Easter present in the form of a video tutorial on how to create a network for success. It's a (very) condensed version of a 90min workshop session that delegates find super-powerful.  I hope you find it useful in this shortened form.  More about the book can be found at Happy Easter!      

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