What 'Catchphrase' teaches us about feedback

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One of the most popular chapters in my book is about giving feedback, so I’ve extracted some of the practical tips for you here. Anyone who has worked with us knows I’m a fan of practical stuff that you can actually remember when under pressure so if you draw a blank in your next feedback conversation, just remember the words of … Read More

The power of emotions over performance

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Whilst working on my book Help, I’m a Manager, I have noticed the extent to which my own performance has often been dictated by feelings and emotions.  Moments of self-doubt, worry, fear, frustration, alongside ‘punch the air’ moments – all these either slowed me down or sped the project along. In this blog I’ve reflected on how our feelings play out in … Read More

What makes us 'professional'?

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I’ll put my cards on the table right now.  I love working in professional services. There’s just something that makes me feel right at home in the sector, having begun my early career as a trainee surveyor a long time ago. So long ago in fact, that there was a certain professional etiquette and heirarchy still in place for us trainees.  We did … Read More

Words to avoid to have more impact

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Altering your language is just one way you can have more impact, instantly. One of the practical tips that our coaching clients have found most useful recently is to stop using certain words so I thought I would share them. There’s no magic to them – if you want to sound more assertive when talking to people, simply reduce your use … Read More

Where did the day go?

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Amidst many of the projects I get involved with, I am often met with the phrase “I don’t have time to do my job”. I know this problem reaches way beyond the people I see face to face, so thought I would share with you some of the insights gained from working with busy professionals with you, as they may well … Read More

How to develop your technical trainee brilliantly…and still have time for your day job.

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As an experienced professional, often your role will involve sharing your knowledge with those less experienced than you. This may be to help someone formally with their Professional exams or supporting them via a structured programme (e.g. a via a Graduate or Apprentice scheme).   But, with the demands on your time from clients and projects, often helping them develop just has to … Read More

Is your environment stifling your performance?

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All too often, I meet technical experts who don’t look beyond their office to create an environment conducive to working at their best. Going “back to the office” after a meeting or even having an office style environment at home is often still considered the norm as an effective place to work. Clearly, offices have many benefits – they can be a hub … Read More